Head of Compliance

St, Helier, Jersey

Job Description

Incorporating the roles of Compliance Officer and Money Laundering Compliance Officer, to manage the day-to-day compliance function of the Trust Company to ensure that the Company is compliant and adheres to all laws, codes, orders and regulations and reporting to the Board of Directors (the “Board”) any matters of concern; and assessing and reporting on all areas of risk. 

To provide the principal point of contact on regulatory matters with the Jersey Financial Services Commission (“JFSC”), to respond promptly to requests from the JFSC and if necessary, the Chief Minister’s Department and ensure appropriate compliance records and registers are maintained in an orderly fashion.

To ensure policies and procedures are maintained and improved, ensure a monitoring plan is approved and adhered to each year and to prepare relevant statistical reporting for the Board and such other person(s) advised from time to time.

Key responsibilities:

  • To undertake regular reviews (including testing) of the effectiveness of policies and procedures.
  • To assist the Board in ensuring that the Company’s Business is conducted in strict compliance with all laws, orders and regulations in force and the Company’s own policy and procedures and report promptly any deficiencies.
  • To operate a monitoring programme to ensure compliance with all laws, Codes, orders and regulations in force and the Company’s own policy and procedures and produce appropriate reports to the Board.
  • To oversee and maintain statutory & regulatory registers for presentation to the Risk Committee and relevant Board meetings.
  • To develop and maintain effective controls, including policies and procedures and any relevant schedules or registers, for countering money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
  • To produce appropriate reporting to the Board.


  • Category “B” employee & a ‘fit and proper person’ who can demonstrate the highest level of ethics and integrity in dealings with staff at all levels plus external contacts.
  • Hold a relevant Table 4 Qualification (e.g.: International Compliance Association).
  • Possess a high level of maturity and experience to demonstrate independence from colleagues, clients and the Board.
  • Must be proactive in ensuring that the Company has the systems, procedures controls and behaviours to protect the business from AML and other compliance and regulatory risks in a changing environment.
  • The post-holder is expected to engage with the Board and certain third parties but should only engage directly with Clients in exceptional circumstances as independence should be maintained.
  • Travel obligations – Post holder may be required to travel.
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